Tips for Teachers (and Others) Working With Pupils with Fragile X Syndrome

Understanding Their Strengths, Challenges, and How They Learn

There’s really only one thing every teacher needs to know about Fragile X syndrome:

Students with Fragile X syndrome are prone to hyperarousal and anxiety. It's how their nervous systems are wired.

The most effective way to help your student get the most from their time at school is to minimize the likelihood of hyperarousal and anxiety; and therefore maximize their focus and cooperation.

10 Ways to Maximize Focus and Cooperation

  1. Don’t force eye contact.
  2. Expect inconsistency.
  3. Students with Fragile X syndrome are simultaneous — not sequential — learners.
  4. Allow and encourage frequent breaks.
  5. Verbal expression is cognitively taxing.
  6. Think and be “indirect.”
  7. Prepare for transitions.
  8. Embed sensory integration strategies into their day.
  9. Notice (and resolve) environmental triggers.
  10. Know Fragile X syndrome’s strengths.
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