My child has Fragile X, what do I do?

Your child has just been diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome (FXS). Where do you begin?

We have many resources and support to help you along your journey, but first breathe. It is easy to become overwhelmed. The National Fragile X Foundation (NFXF) is here to help throughout the lifespan. Below you will find resources to help navigating this new diagnosis. 

  1. Contact us here at the NFXF.
  2. Make an appointment to visit a Fragile X clinic
  3. Contact your local Community Support Network group
  4. Read, download and share our Fragile X Info Series: A New Diagnosis
  5. Words of Advice for Newly Diagnosed Families. A summary of ideas, suggestions, and encouragements from parents and other family members
  6. My Child Has Been Diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome: What To Do Next
  7. Request our free e-book, Fragile X 101. Just complete the form below and your copy will be emailed to you.

The NFXF is here to support you, your child and family every step of the way.