What is a Fragile X Clinic and where can I find one?

The NFXF has created the Fragile X Clinical & Research Consortium (FXCRC) of Fragile X clinics that provide medical services (including medication evaluation and consultation) supervised by a physician and supported by the latest medical, educational, and research knowledge available. Multidisciplinary services and/or referrals, such as occupational therapy, speech, and language therapy, behavioral therapy, and genetic counseling, are available within the institutions or through referral. Many of the clinics also participate in collaborative research efforts with other Fragile X clinics and professionals. Besides serving families closer to where they live, these clinics also benefit the Fragile X community by sharing knowledge, research, and clinical experience with one another. This, in turn, helps the patients whom they serve. 

To find the nearest clinic: Fragile X Clinic