Where do I find the most recent Treatment Recommendations?

The treatment and intervention recommendations for Fragile X-associated disorders are written by and for professionals, with the understanding that they will be published online by the NFXF, read by caregivers, parents, and other family members.

Consensus-based recommendations develop over time, as people work with more and more children and more and more adults for a consensus to develop what works and what doesn’t. In many ways, consensus is synonymous with “professional opinion.” Coming to consensus takes time and thoughtfulness, involving much discussion and a critical review of the literature that already exists regarding the intervention. 

Over time, and thanks to the early support of the FXCRC by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and their later support of the ongoing FORWARD Project (a longitudinal, natural history study of Fragile X syndrome), some of the newly edited documents about Fragile X syndrome will include evidence-based recommendations. These are recommendations that are based on the information collected from all the families who participate in forwarding and other scientific research.   

For the comprehensive list: Treatment and Intervention Recommendations for Fragile X.